Virtually all manufacturers offer a Manufacturer warranty on their new A/C equipment. The warranty for standard residential equipment is 10 Years on all parts. In order to qualify for the full 10 year warranty it is of vital importance that the new system is register online with the proper manufacturer within 30 days of the date of installation. The registration process if typically very straight forward and takes only a few minutes of your time but can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs’.

You will need the following information in order to successfully register your new A/C unit with the proper manufacturer. Be sure when registering your systems you know what type of A/C unit you have so you don’t incorrectly register the system and negate the warranty. In order to qualify for a full 10 year manufacturer warranty the property of installation must be a residential address.

Types of systems that Qualify for a 10 year Manufacturer warranty are only on full system installation, this excludes half systems such as Air handler or condenser only. Self-contained outdoor package units count as a full system and would therefore qualify for the full 10 years warranty.

  • Your Contact information
  • Contractor contact information (Top left side of invoice)
  • Indiviual Model and Serial #’s for indoor and outdoor system (Middle portion of invoice hand written)

That’s it!

Use the links bellow to register your system with the appropriate manufacturer. Of course if you run into any issues along the way feel free to contact our offices anytime.

Register Your Unit Links: review/product-registration