In today’s enlightened society, many of us are germ aware. We drink filtered water to minimize microorganisms in the tap, carefully monitor the cleanliness of the restaurants we dine at and carry tubes of antibacterial sanitizers in our cars for any unforeseen dirt and germ contact. However, despite our attention to battling unsanitary environments around us, we often ignore the very air we breathe. All too often, commercial and residential living spaces are plagued with airborne toxins and allergens that affect the health of everyone inside. Fortunately, Automatic Control and our potent germicidal cleaner can help.

Is your home or office temperature different in every single room or space? Does it feel like some areas simply aren`t getting any airflow at all? Your system insulation could be the cause. If the insulation in the ducts of any HVAC cooling/heating system is compromised, it can misdirect airflow, minimize the unit`s overall efficiency and leave everyone within the commercial or residential space feeling unseasonably warm or cold.

Automatic Control has many large commercial clients, including manufacturing plants, aerospace companies, office buildings and hospitals. We clean restaurant grease exhaust and dryer vents, as well as scouring out dirty heating and air conditioning vents.

Have you noticed that your indoor home air conditioning isn’t working like it once did? Is your cool air system struggling to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your residence? Do you think age or wear and tear may have contributed to unit leaks and other malfunctions? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need Automatic Control, the region’s first name in residential AC repair!

Have you noticed that your employees are constantly sniffling and sneezing in your office building? Do you feel like allergies and other illnesses are hindering your staff’s job performance and preventing them from being as productive as possible? Automatic Control, leading provider of air duct cleaning and installation of industrial duct systems can help. For over 27 years, we’ve delivered top notch air duct cleaning and industrial duct system cleaning services throughout the state of Florida.

Everyone knows that the quality of the air we breathe is important. While routine air duct cleaning is an excellent way to ensure the integrity of your indoor air, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Old and inefficient air ducts may not yield proper results no matter how rigorous a cleaning process is. A complete or partial air duct replacement may provide an ideal solution. If you are considering an air duct replacement project, you need Automatic Control.

Did you know that uninspected air duct systems and ventilation spaces can be virtual breeding grounds for mold, mildew and other microscopic spores? As time passes, these contaminated spaces can distribute accumulated mold and mildew into the very air you and those around you breathe, causing a multitude of possible health issues ranging from minor allergies and irritations all the way through to major respiratory afflictions. Want to get rid of these tiny toxins fast? Check out Automatic Control mold and mildew treatment!

Is your home or office temperature different in every single room or space? Does it feel like some areas simply aren’t getting any airflow at all? Your system insulation could be the cause. If the insulation in the ducts of any HVAC cooling/heating system is compromised, it can misdirect airflow, minimize the unit’s overall efficiency and leave everyone within the commercial or residential space feeling unseasonably warm or cold.

The seasoned technicians at Automatic Control can successfully implement air duct sanitizers throughout your home or office to eliminate and prevent polluted air. Our specially created air duct sanitizers are designed to thoroughly clean the air of microscopic hazards that may wreak havoc on the health of those inside these living spaces. Additionally, our air duct sanitizers have an odor kill component to terminate even the worst indoor smells. Kids? Pets? Second hand smoke? No problem! Automatic Control’s air duct sanitizers can enhance your indoor air quality and make every breath you take a pleasure!

Automatic Control is dedicated to discovering and delivering quality ultraviolet (UVC) air cleaners. Our UV air cleaners utilize germicidal UV (UVC) light to enhance the quality of life and well-being through creating a better and healthier indoor environment.

Automatic Control understands that the exhaust area of an industrial environment is one of the toughest to clean. With a constant onslaught of grease, grime, dirt and other messy substances, an exhaust system quickly accumulates and holds on to these toxins. Overtime, these buildups can not only minimize the unit`s efficiency but even contaminate the breathing air of those in the building and cause permanent damage to the structure itself. Fortunately, business owners don`t have to accept this – they can partner with Automatic Control, Florida`s premiere industrial exhaust system cleaning experts!

Are you worried about the potentially harmful health effects your family can experience from indoor air pollution? Automatic Control has been 25 years in business providing professional air duct cleaning services that improve indoor air quality and reduce the cycling of your air-conditioning system, helping it last longer. Left untreated, your air duct system can build up an unsafe level of fungi, mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens that irritate health conditions such as asthma.

Do you ever wonder about the quality of the air in your commercial or residential building? If you haven`t really given it much thought, perhaps it`s time you did. Most indoor airflow contains a vast variety of irritants and allergens including mold spores, pet dander, pollen, smoke, mildew, mold and more. These tiny, microscopic particles build up in every HVAC system and can actually get distributed into the air circulating in any home or office. Sound okay? Automatic Control doesn`t think so either! That`s why we offer our clients electrostatic filter installation so they can rest assured that every breath they take is full of clean, fresh air.

Does your home or office have inconsistent temperatures throughout the building no matter where the thermostat gauge is set? Does it feel stagnant in certain rooms or spaces, like there just isn`t proper air circulation? A faulty and/or leaky air duct system could be to blame. A professional air duct seal/coating repair treatment can help. If you think your commercial or residential building may require an air duct seal/coating repair, you need Automatic Control.

Floridians love the year round beautiful weather and higher temperatures that make this state such an amazing place to call home. However, we also know that sometimes we need an indoor oasis full of cool, clean air to get out of the heat. Having a functional air conditioning system is a must. That’s why the Sunshine State depends on Automatic Control for any residential and commercial A/C unit installation.

Automatic Control knows A/C maintenance. For over 27 years our staff of seasoned HVAC specialists has consistently delivered top notch A/C maintenance results to ensure that our clients’ commercial and residential cooling systems continuously perform at maximum efficiency. Don’t wait until your air conditioning system breaks – schedule a recurring A/C maintenance appointment with Automatic Control to reap the many benefits of our check ups!

Do you feel like your dryer just isn’t working like it used to? Are your clothes taking a lot longer to dry than usual? Are you just not sure how safely your dryer is operating? You could need a professional, industrial strength dryer vent cleaning. Florida residents know that when it comes to top notch dryer vent cleaning services, no one beats Automatic Control!

Florida residents love the year round warm temperatures of the Sunshine State. While the tropical weather is one of the many benefits of life here, locals also understand the importance of having a functioning air conditioning unit in both the home and office to keep cool as the thermometer reading rises. In short, maintaining a fully operational commercial or residential cooling system in any living space is critical.

Condenser units play a significant role in both commercial and residential HVAC systems. When functioning properly, these components circulate energy through a network of various coils which in turn can heat and cool indoor areas. These condenser units help balance air flow and climate and create living and working spaces that were previously unfit or unbearable, ultimately increasing a building`s habitable square footage. 

Are you braving the Florida heat without a properly working air conditioning system? Has your cooling unit stopped working to its utmost proficiency, or even worse, stopped working at all? If you’re tired of the internal temperature of your home and office exceeding the balmy climate outside, Automatic Control can help.

Have you noticed lately that your A/C unit just isn’t working at top capacity? Does it feel like sometimes there’s very little cool air blowing out at all? Trying to eliminate cigarette odors? Dirty unit coils may be to blame. If your commercial or residential AC system needs a thorough coil cleaning, Automatic Control, the region’s premiere HVAC service company, can help. 

While living in sunny Florida means enjoying year round gorgeous temperatures, it also means that an efficient and functioning air conditioning unit is a must. Have you noticed lately that your A/C unit simply isn’t cold enough? Is the model experiencing coil freezing? Or, is it just not running at all? Don’t sweat it – an A/C check up from Automatic Control can help!

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