Does your home or office have inconsistent temperatures throughout the building no matter where the thermostat gauge is set? Does it feel stagnant in certain rooms or spaces, like there just isn`t proper air circulation? A faulty and/or leaky air duct system could be to blame. A professional air duct seal/coating repair treatment can help. If you think your commercial or residential building may require an air duct seal/coating repair, you need Automatic Control.

Automatic Control: Innovative Duct Seal & Coating Repair

A leaky air duct can wreak havoc on any home or office environment. Even the tiniest rips, tears and crushes in air ducts can severely diminish the efficiency of the entire HVAC system. These tiny gaps allows air to escape into alternative rooms and spaces, disrupting indoor air flow consistency and costing home and business owners money in wasted energy. Additionally, a leaky air duct can absorb indoor pollutants and recycle them throughout the building, causing a wide range of health irritations and afflictions. Professional applications for duct seal and coating repair can eliminate these airflow disruptions and get your system working at top capacity quickly. 

At Automatic Control, our staff of highly qualified technicians can evaluate your home and office to identify a faulty air duct system in need of duct seal and coating repair. From there, we can create a customized duct seal & coating repair solution using only the very latest innovations and technologies. Contact Automatic Control today to find out how we can deliver an ideal duct seal/coating repair process guaranteed to balance airflow and improve the quality of the air you breathe, fast!