Do you ever wonder about the quality of the air in your commercial or residential building? If you haven`t really given it much thought, perhaps it`s time you did. Most indoor airflow contains a vast variety of irritants and allergens including mold spores, pet dander, pollen, smoke, mildew, mold and more. These tiny, microscopic particles build up in every HVAC system and can actually get distributed into the air circulating in any home or office. Sound okay? Automatic Control doesn`t think so either! That`s why we offer our clients electrostatic filter installation so they can rest assured that every breath they take is full of clean, fresh air.

Automatic Control: Electrostatic Filter Installation Experts 

For over 27 years, Automatic Control has been delivering quality, customized HVAC service and electrostatic filter installation solutions throughout the state of Florida.

Our team of technicians understands the significant difference that an electrostatic filter installation can make in any commercial or residential living space. Immediately following our install, these filters can help eliminate built up debris and let your HVAC appliance work at maximum efficiency, which can actually help save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills each year! Fresh air and lower utility bills? Now that`s a win/win situation!

Want To Learn More About Our Electrostatic Filter Installation Process? Contact Automatic Control anytime on our 24/7 customer service contact line and speak with one of our licensed and certified professionals now!