Automatic Control understands that the exhaust area of an industrial environment is one of the toughest to clean. With a constant onslaught of grease, grime, dirt and other messy substances, an exhaust system quickly accumulates and holds on to these toxins. Overtime, these buildups can not only minimize the unit`s efficiency but even contaminate the breathing air of those in the building and cause permanent damage to the structure itself. Fortunately, business owners don`t have to accept this – they can partner with Automatic Control, Florida`s premiere industrial exhaust system cleaning experts!

The team of highly skilled technicians at Automatic Control has been successfully delivering customized industrial exhaust system cleaning solutions for over 27 years. Our uniquely designed exhaust system cleaning technique eliminates even the toughest grease and grime to ensure our clients` vents and hoods are fully functioning, working at max capacity and most importantly, not contaminating the breathing air for everyone working inside. 

Best of all, Automatic Control is a fully licensed, insured and bonded exhaust system cleaning organization certified in the state of Florida. We back every project we take on with a customer satisfaction guarantee that your industrial exhaust system cleaning will be done on time and on budget – that`s the Automatic Control's promise! Want to hear more about our superior industrial exhaust system cleaning innovations? Call us anytime on our 24 hour customer service contact line – we look forward to hearing from you!