In today’s enlightened society, many of us are germ aware. We drink filtered water to minimize microorganisms in the tap, carefully monitor the cleanliness of the restaurants we dine at and carry tubes of antibacterial sanitizers in our cars for any unforeseen dirt and germ contact. However, despite our attention to battling unsanitary environments around us, we often ignore the very air we breathe. All too often, commercial and residential living spaces are plagued with airborne toxins and allergens that affect the health of everyone inside. Fortunately, Automatic Control and our potent germicidal cleaner can help.

For over 27 years Automatic Control has made delivering innovative solutions for clean, fresh, germ free air a top priority for all our customers. Our germicidal cleaner incorporates ultraviolet light technology to thoroughly and safely sanitize the air in every commercial and residential environment. From hospitals and manufacturing plants to homes of any size, our germicidal cleaner will terminate unwanted fungus, mold, mildew and other microscopic pollutants from your air duct system so you and yours can breathe easier – instantly! From reduced sinus issues, migraines and sore throats to increased energy and elimination of pet and cigarette odors, the benefits of our germicidal cleaner is virtually endless! 

Automatic Control proudly offers our germicidal UV cleaner as part of our extensive portfolio of licensed, insured and bonded HVAC service company offerings. Want to hear more? Contact us day or night on our 24/7 customer service line – we are standing by now for your call!