Florida residents love the year round warm temperatures of the Sunshine State. While the tropical weather is one of the many benefits of life here, locals also understand the importance of having a functioning air conditioning unit in both the home and office to keep cool as the thermometer reading rises. In short, maintaining a fully operational commercial or residential cooling system in any living space is critical.

Automatic Control: Your Go To Source For A/C Leak Repair

At Automatic Control, the region’s premiere HVAC service company, we know that a dripping unit can seriously hinder a system’s effectiveness and efficiency. Is your commercial or residential A/C struggling to keep an even, comfortable climate indoors? Have you noticed pooling water or condensation around the unit? You may need Automatic Control, the go to source for A/C leak repair!

Since 1984, Automatic Control has delivered cutting edge solutions for A/C leak repair, service and maintenance throughout the state. Our team of industry experts has received the very latest training and certification to ensure we offer clients the latest innovative A/C leak repair techniques. When you work with Automatic Control, you can breathe easy knowing you are in good hands!

Automatic Control: No A/C Leak Repair Job Is Too Tough For Us

Best of all, the experienced specialists at Automatic Control can diagnose a faltering air conditioner of any brand and size to quickly identify the problem source. Whether a result of air leakage, blocked drain hole, faulty internal line, etc. Automatic Control A/C leak repair services can yield successful results fast. Contact Automatic Control today on our 24/7 toll free at 786-565-9938 for a no-risk consultation today!