Do you feel like your dryer just isn’t working like it used to? Are your clothes taking a lot longer to dry than usual? Are you just not sure how safely your dryer is operating? You could need a professional, industrial strength dryer vent cleaning. Florida residents know that when it comes to top notch dryer vent cleaning services, no one beats Automatic Control!

Automatic Control: Dryer Vent Cleaning Services For Both Safety And Efficiency

Many homeowners often take the safety of their dryer for granted. However, as time passes, a drying ventilation system can become partially or fully blocked with lint, dust and other debris. This build up not only can weaken a dryer’s efficiency, it can also cause a safety hazard for anyone inside the home. Without a proper dryer vent cleaning, a blocked space can potentially cause a residential fire. Don’t take a chance with the safety of your loved ones – contact Automatic Control, the first name in dryer vent cleaning throughout the state.

The team at Automatic Control has received extensive training in the most recent dryer vent cleaning innovations. Our technicians can quickly evaluate the current condition of your residential dryer system and deliver a customized dryer vent cleaning solution tailor made for your specific setup. In addition to the peace of mind you’ll get from a safely operating machine, Automatic Control can also help you save money. An efficiently running appliance requires far less energy to work at full capacity – we know you’ll love the difference this makes in your monthly utility bills!