Have you noticed lately that your A/C unit just isn’t working at top capacity? Does it feel like sometimes there’s very little cool air blowing out at all? Trying to eliminate cigarette odors? Dirty unit coils may be to blame. If your commercial or residential AC system needs a thorough coil cleaning, Automatic Control, the region’s premiere HVAC service company, can help. 

Florida Automatic Control 

An air conditioning system houses two coils: one designated to provide indoor cooling by absorbing heat in the air circulating indoors and one to repel heat and hot air as a fan cycles air throughout the area. Over time, these coils can become plagued with dirt, dust and other tiny particles and debris, forcing unit back-ups and diminishing the efficiency of the unit and its overall longevity. Unclean coils can even act as a breeding ground for microorganisms that get circulated throughout the home and office every time the unit is used. That’s where Automatic Control comes in!

For over 27 years, Automatic Control has delivered premium HVAC services and techniques to meet all of our customers’ ventilation and air quality needs. Our specially designed industrial strength process for coil cleaning quickly and effectively eliminates coil build up to ensure your AC unit is working at max capacity each and every time. Best of all, an efficient air conditioning unit utilizes less energy and can help you save money on your monthly utility bills. Whether your system is due for a routine coil cleaning or has never been serviced before, Automatic Control can help – contact us today to hear more!